Defending a Criminal Case with a Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

Defend Against Criminal Charges in Jacksonville, FloridaHow do you defend a criminal case in Jacksonville, Florida?  When you hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer to defend your criminal case, the two of you discuss the facts of your case.  You will also discuss Florida’s criminal laws that apply to your case.  Then, you look at all of your options and pick a strategy for your case.  You need to talk to your Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer about how you are going to defend against your criminal charges.  Depending on the charges that you are facing and the facts of your case, your Jacksonville criminal defense attorney may defend your case differently than another person that has been arrested in Florida for the same thing.  You can get help from a lawyer in Jacksonville at 20 Miles Law by calling (904) 564-2525 or by email (Find a Lawyer).

For example, a man is arrested for domestic battery against his wife in Fleming Island, Florida.  His wife starts swinging her hands and slapping him in the face as hard as she can.  He tries to walk away and get away from her and she follows him.  Her hits keep getting harder, and she backs him into a corner.  He grabs her hands to stop her from hitting him and pushes merely to get away from her.  She calls the Clay County Sheriff’s Department and tells them that her husband just committed Florida domestic battery.  The husband is arrested and charged with domestic battery in Clay County, Florida.  He needs to talk to his Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer about Florida’s self-defense laws.  This man that has been arrested for domestic battery in Clay County is not saying that he did put his hands on his wife, but only in self-defense.  He will fight his Clay County domestic battery case under Florida’s self defense laws.

Let’s take the same domestic battery example, but change the facts a little.  Image the wife is extremely upset with her husband, because she caught him out with another woman.  In order to have him arrested, she lies and tells the Clay County police officer that her husband hit her.  He is arrested for Florida domestic battery charges.  He tells his Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer what happened.  His Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer will defend the case on the basis that the witness (alleged domestic battery lawyer) gave a false police report and the husband never committed a Florida battery.  Call a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville about your domestic battery if you need help with your arrest.

Another example of two different defenses for one type of charge would be in a Jacksonville theft case.  Imagine a teenager’s friend owed him $20.00.  His friend gives the teenager a gold necklace as payment.  The friend’s mother finds out the necklace is missing.  She questions her son, and the son tells his mother that the teenager stole the necklace when he was in their house in St. Augustine, Florida.  The teenager is arrested as a juvenile delinquent and charged with theft in St. Johns County, Florida.  He may be charged with Florida grand theft or petit theft charges, depending on the value of the necklace.  When the juvenile talks to his Jacksonville juvenile defense lawyer about the theft charges, he is not going to argue that he did not take the necklace with him.  He will argue that he did not commit petit theft or grand theft, because the other boy gave him the jewelry.  His Jacksonville theft lawyer will defend on the basis that the juvenile did not have any intent to steal the jewelry.

Defend Against Criminal Charges in Jacksonville, FloridaDefend Against Criminal Charges in Jacksonville, FloridaTake the same Florida juvenile theft charges, but change the facts.  Imagine that the son took the mother’s necklace and blamed it on the teenager that was arrested in St. Johns County.  The teenager is still facing juvenile grand theft or petit theft charges in St. Augustine.  This time, his Jacksonville juvenile defense lawyer will argue that he did not take anything and that he never possessed the necklace.  When a Jacksonville theft lawyer defends charges in this manner, not only is she saying that the teenager never intended to steal anything, but she is saying that he never took the jewelry period.  This will be the way the Jacksonville theft lawyer will defend the charges.

If you or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime in Duval, St. Johns, Nassau, or Clay County, call a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer at 20 Miles Law.  If you are facing Florida grand theft or Jacksonville petty theft charges, a Jacksonville theft lawyer can help you.  Contact a lawyer in Jacksonville by phone (904) 564-2525 or email (Find a Lawyer) for your legal problems.

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