Jacksonville Violation of Probation Lawyer Help for Florida Probation

Most Jacksonville criminal cases result in a plea deal or plea bargain.  If you entered into a Florida plea bargain, you may have been placed on probation in Jacksonville.  Sometimes, as part of a negotiated sentence with the Duval County State Attorney’s Office, you agree to be placed on probation in Jacksonville instead of going to the Duval County Jail or Florida State Prison.  You can also be placed on probation in Jacksonville if a Duval County judge sentenced you to a Florida probation term.  You may have a Jacksonville probation sentence of 6 months, 12 months, 5 years, or even longer.

The standard conditions of probation in Jacksonville usually include meeting with your Florida probation officer.  With most misdemeanor probation cases in Jacksonville, your Jacksonville probation case is monitored by the Salvation Army.  With Florida felony probation cases, your Jacksonville probation case will be handled by the Florida Department of Corrections (Florida DOC).  When you are on probation in Jacksonville, you may have other conditions of probation.  These are known as special conditions of probation in Jacksonville or your Florida probation terms.

For example, if you are on probation for Jacksonville possession of marijuana, Jacksonville possession of cocaine, or Florida drug charges, you may be required to take random urine drug tests and go through drug treatment or counseling.  In some Florida criminal cases, mental health screening and counseling may be part of the Florida probation sentence.  With Jacksonville domestic battery probation, an anger management type course called the batter’s intervention program is required for Jacksonville domestic violence.

A common example of special conditions for Florida probation is the standard probation or minimum sentence for a first Jacksonville driving under the influence conviction.  A first Jacksonville DUI probation sentence will include:

  1. 50 hours of community service in Jacksonville;
  2. Level I Florida DUI school;
  3. Victim Impact Panel by MADD;
  4. Fines and court costs; and
  5. 10 day vehicle tag impoundment.

If you do not complete all of your Jacksonville probation conditions within the allotted time period, your Jacksonville probation officer will violate your probation in Florida.  If you violate your probation in Jacksonville, a warrant will be issued, and you will be arrested for a Florida violation of probation.

If you are on probation in Jacksonville, the best thing that you can do is to keep a journal of everything that involves your Jacksonville probation.  This Florida probation journal should state the date and what happened on that date.  You should keep all documents associated with your Jacksonville probation with your journal.

Here is an example of a Florida probation journal:
1/1/12:  Placed on probation in Jacksonville (keep all documents that the probation officer gives you on that date).
1/2/12:  Reported to the Salvation Army Probation Office and filled out all paperwork.  Spoke to Ms. Jones at the downtown Jacksonville Probation Office.
2/6/12:  Meet with my Jacksonville Probation Officer, Officer Smith (keep any papers that your probation officer gives you).
2/7/12:  Signed up for the Jacksonville DUI course (keep the receipt).
2/27/12:  Completed the Jacksonville DUI course (keep the certificate).

The last thing that you want to do when you are on Florida probation is to violate your probation in Duval, Clay, Nassau, or St. Johns County.  If you violate your probation in Florida, you will likely be arrested for violation of probation.  Then, you will end up in front of the same judge that sentenced you to your Jacksonville probation the first time.  If you violate your Jacksonville probation, you could go to jail or Florida’s prison.  Keeping a journal for your Florida probation will be extremely useful if you are arrested for violation of probation in Jacksonville.  Your Jacksonville violation of probation lawyer will be able to use the journal to fight your Florida violation of probation case.  Also, keeping a journal about your Florida probation will help you avoid a Jacksonville violation of probation arrest.

If you have violated your probation in Duval, St. Johns, Nassau, or Clay County, Florida, contact a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville about your case.  A lawyer in Jacksonville at 20 Miles Law can help you with your Jacksonville violation of probation charges.

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