Jacksonville Violation of Probation in Florida Domestic Battery Cases

If you are arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery, you will go to Duval County Jail.  If you do not bond out of jail before your first appearance court date, you will go to court and be brought before the presiding Duval County judge within 24 hours of your Florida arrest.  At this first appearance court date, you will have a bond hearing.  The judge my set a monetary bond that you will need to pay yourself or through a Jacksonville bonds man.  The Duval County judge may release you without you needing to pay any money for a bond, but you will likely still need to return to court on a later date for your Jacksonville domestic battery charges.

After being arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville, you may be offered a plea deal or a plea offer from the Duval County state attorney or the judge.  In many Jacksonville domestic battery cases, a plea deal on a Florida domestic battery charge will be offered in first appearance court before the Duval County judge tells you the amount you will need to post for your bond.  As long as your do not have a bad Florida criminal record or a history of domestic violence in Jacksonville, you will likely receive an offer to plea guilty or no contest to Jacksonville domestic battery in return for the minimum sentence in Florida domestic battery cases.  It is a bad idea to plea guilty or no contest without talking to a Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer.

When you plead guilty or no contest to domestic battery in Florida, Florida’s domestic violence laws require you to be placed on probation in Florida.  This probation includes:

  1. Enroll in and complete the Jacksonville Batter’s Intervention Program which is a 6-month Jacksonville domestic violence course.
  2. Pay court costs and fees associated with the Jacksonville domestic battery charge.
  3. Pay for the cost of supervision by the Jacksonville Salvation Army, which runs probation in Jacksonville.
  4. You will either be required to have no contact or no violent contact with the victim of the Jacksonville domestic violence.

The Duval County judge over your Jacksonville domestic battery case may add more conditions to your Florida domestic battery probation.  The more conditions that are placed on you when you are on probation, the more likely you are to violate your probation in Jacksonville, Florida.  If your Florida probation officer finds that you are in violation of probation for domestic battery in Jacksonville, you will likely be arrested for Jacksonville violation of probation.  If you are arrested for a violation of probation in Jacksonville, you are going to be facing severe penalties.

  1. You may go to jail for the Jacksonville domestic battery probation violation.  When you violate your probation in Florida, you could be sentenced to the maximum sentence for the crime for which you were placed on probation in Jacksonville.  If you were arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery, you can be sentenced to up to one year in the Duval County jail.  If you pleaded to Jacksonville felony battery or Jacksonville battery on a pregnant woman, you pleaded to felony domestic violence charges, so you could go to Florida State Prison if you violate your probation in Jacksonville.
  2. You may be adjudicated guilty of Jacksonville domestic battery.  If you went on Florida probation for a first-time offense, you likely received a withhold of adjudication on your Jacksonville domestic violence charge.  If you are adjudicated guilty, this would mean that you are convicted of domestic battery in Jacksonville.
  3. The Duval County judge may reinstate your Jacksonville probation.  If your Jacksonville probation is reinstated, you will be placed back on probation in Florida to complete your probation sentence.  You are given a second chance to fulfill all of the conditions of your Jacksonville domestic battery probation.
  4. The Duval County judge could terminate your Jacksonville domestic battery probation.  Often, this would be because the judge is sending you to jail over the Jacksonville violation of probation.

If you have been arrested for Florida domestic battery or Jacksonville violation of probation, talk with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  A Jacksonville criminal defense attorney will be able to help you with any Jacksonville domestic violence or Florida violation of probation problems that you are having.  When you are being accused of domestic violence in Florida, you may also need to fight a Jacksonville restraining order or Jacksonville injunction.  You can speak with a lawyer in Jacksonville at 20 Miles Law about any Florida domestic violence problem by calling (904) 564-2525.

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