Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer to Expunge or Seal a Record

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I represented people arrested in Jacksonville and other parts of northeast Florida, including Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, and Duval County.  I have represented people charged with Florida criminal traffic tickets, misdemeanors, and felonies.  You would think that when your Jacksonville criminal defense attorney completes the case, your Florida criminal case is closed.  You believe that you no longer need a lawyer in Jacksonville to help you.

For example, imagine that you have been arrested for Jacksonville Aggravated Battery or Jacksonville Simple Battery and your charges were dropped.  Run a Florida background check on yourself.  Even though your Jacksonville battery charges were dropped, this Jacksonville battery arrest will still show up on a Florida background check.  You would reasonably believe that your Jacksonville aggravated battery arrest would not show up on your record since the Duval County State Attorney dropped your Florida charges, but this is not the case when it comes to Florida criminal records.

The same is true when you are arrested in Jacksonville and your Florida criminal charges are reduced.  For instance, if you were arrested for Jacksonville grand theft and the charges were reduced to Jacksonville petty theft, the Jacksonville grand theft arrest and Jacksonville petty theft disposition will show up on a Florida background check.  When you are looking for a job in the Jacksonville area, this may result in a potential employer giving the job to some without a Jacksonville theft on his or her Florida criminal record.

What is even worse is that quite often, your Florida criminal record is public record for anyone to see.  People may even be able to find your Jacksonville arrest on the Internet.  While Jacksonville juvenile criminal records are not usually open to the public, I have learned that you may be able to find a Jacksonville juvenile criminal record online.  This is a shame since so many people have changed since they committed a crime as a juvenile in Jacksonville, Florida.  A Jacksonville juvenile criminal defendant may also seal or expunge a criminal record, just like an adult.

As a Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, I know how important it is for children that have been charged with crimes in Florida to move on with their lives.  When a person has a Jacksonville juvenile arrest, he or she may want to seal or expunge the Florida criminal record.  There are two different ways to expunge a Florida criminal record, so it is important to talk to a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville about your juvenile case.  If you have a withhold of adjudication or you were not adjudicated guilty as a juvenile delinquent in Jacksonville, you may be able to seal your Florida criminal record.

Whether you want to seal or expunge a Florida criminal record as an adult or juvenile, a Jacksonville record sealing lawyer can help you clear your criminal record in Florida.  If you want to erase a Jacksonville arrest from your Florida criminal record, you need to make sure that you are eligible for a Florida record seal or expunction.  To expunge a Florida criminal record, you should visit “Can I expunge my Florida criminal record?”  To see if a Jacksonville criminal record seal is the option for you, visit “Can I seal my Florida criminal record?

Talking to a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville about sealing or expunging a criminal record in Florida is always a good idea, because you want to do it right.  If you do not take care of every aspect of a Jacksonville record seal or expunction, your Florida arrest will not be erased.  Call a Duval County Criminal Attorney at 20 Miles Law for help.

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