Florida Criminal Background Checks and Sealing or Expunging Your Record

In Florida, many people are losing their jobs and looking for new ones. This creates a surplus of potential employees and a shortage of jobs in Jacksonville, Florida.  With so many people looking for jobs in Jacksonville, employers have more people to choose from when hiring, so it is important that employees make themselves as marketable as possible.  If you have a criminal record in Florida that has not been cleared, you could run into a problem.

Your Jacksonville criminal history and Florida criminal background can limit a your chances to get a job in Jacksonville. This is why it is important to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record.  If you want to know what your criminal record in Florida looks like, you can get a Florida Criminal Background Check through the FDLE’s website for Florida criminal record searches.  While the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) charges a fee for the online service, you can request a personal records review from the FDLE for free.  If you want a free Florida background check, it will take much longer. If you have ever been arrested in Jacksonville or issued a Florida criminal citation (notice of appearance), you should request a Florida Criminal Background Check, so you can see what employers see.

There is a huge benefit to running a Florida criminal background check on you to check your Jacksonville criminal record.  As a lawyer in Jacksonville that seals and expunges criminal records in Florida, I have many clients trying to clear their backgrounds in Florida.  Initially, they are surprised to learn that they have criminal records, even though the charges were dropped. A Florida criminal background check will show that a person was arrested and the charges were dropped, but just being arrested in Jacksonville for a Florida crime can have a devastating affect on your future.

Imagine that you were arrested in Atlantic Beach for Jacksonville domestic battery on your wife or husband. The police take you to the Duval County Jail, where you are booked and fingerprinted for Jacksonville domestic battery.  One week later, your Jacksonville criminal lawyer shows the Duval County prosecutor that you only acted in self-defense in Jacksonville, and the Jacksonville domestic battery charges are dropped.  A year later, you are applying for a job and the employer runs a Florida Criminal Background Check.  After requesting your Florida criminal arrest history, the employer learns of your arrest for domestic battery in Jacksonville and decides not to hire you.  Expunging your Florida criminal record may have prevented this.

Your Florida Criminal Background History is available online to anyone that is willing to pay $24.00 for it on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website.  Most criminal court records are public records and available online in many Florida counties. For example, if you are looking for a Jacksonville criminal record, you may search the Duval County Clerk of Court’s website. This is open for anyone to see. You can stop this by sealing or expunging your Florida criminal record.

If you would like to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record, talk to a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville for help, so you can expunge or seal your Florida criminal record.  Call (904) 564-2525 for help from a lawyer in Jacksonville


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