Miss a Court Date in Jacksonville and Get an Arrest Warrant

“HELP! I missed a court date in Jacksonville, Florida.  Now, there is a Florida warrant out for my arrest in Jacksonville!

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers are no strangers to hearing:

“I was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.  I bonded out of the Duval County or Clay County Jail, and I had a court date for my Florida criminal case.  I did not go to court for my Florida criminal charges.  Instead, I missed my court date in Duval, Clay, or another Florida county.  The Jacksonville judge issued a warrant for my arrested in Jacksonville.  Now, I have a warrant out for my arrest, and I am afraid of getting arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Arrested in Jacksonville

Arrested in Jacksonville, Florida

If you feel this way, you are not alone.  In Jacksonville, people often miss court dates.  You may have had car trouble and could not make it to your Jacksonville court date.  Perhaps, you forgot that you were supposed to be in court for your Jacksonville criminal charges.  Maybe, you were mistaken about the date that you were supposed to be in court in Jacksonville for your Florida arraignment or pre-trial hearing.

If you are a Florida criminal defendant charged with a crime in Jacksonville and you miss a court date, you will likely end up with a Florida warrant for your arrest.  This is also known as a capias or bench warrant in Jacksonville, Florida.  Since you failed to appear in Duval or Clay County court, the Florida judge issued a Jacksonville capias in the courtroom to force you to come to court.  The “force” that I am referring to is an arrest for the Jacksonville warrant.   The Florida judge has ordered that you need to be arrested in Jacksonville, Florida or any other city in the United States, because you did not come to court in Jacksonville.

If you are charged with a serious crime, such as a felony, in Jacksonville, the police will like search for you in order to arrest you for this Jacksonville warrant.  Obviously, the worse your charges are, the more likely the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will vigorously pursue your arrest on this Florida warrant.  For example, if you are charged with sexual battery or rape in Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will try harder to find you than if your are charged with Jacksonville Grand Theft for stealing from Wal-Mart.  If you are charged with a very minor misdemeanor, such as Jacksonville Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License, Florida police officers may not actively try to arrest you in Jacksonville.  Even if the police do not “hunt you down” to execute the Jacksonville arrest warrant, you could get arrested if you get pulled over to stopped for some other reason.  If you are pulled over and you have a Jacksonville arrest warrant, you may get arrested when the Florida police runs your Florida drivers license.

If you are arrested because of a warrant in Jacksonville, you may be held in jail without a bond or the judge may give you another bond.  Then, you will go before the Jacksonville judge.  If you have missed a court date in Jacksonville, a Jacksonville criminal lawyer may be able to get the warrant recalled.  If your Jacksonville criminal defense attorney can get your Jacksonville arrest warrant recalled, you will not be arrested under the warrant.  Instead, you will be able to move on without your cases as if you never failed to appear in court and as if the Jacksonville capias had never been issued.

If you have missed a court date in Jacksonville, you should talk to a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer.  You should not run away or flee from Jacksonville, because that could only make your Florida criminal charges worse things. In some cases, if you run away from your Florida criminal charges, you may be charged as a fugitive and extradited back to Jacksonville.  If you do not handle this Jacksonville bench warrant, you could be arrested when you least expect it or at the worse moment, because a Florida police officer may find the Jacksonville warrant at anytime and arrest you.

If you have been arrest and charged with a crime in Jacksonville, you should talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  Even if there is a warrant out for your arrest in Jacksonville, a lawyer in Jacksonville with experience with Florida criminal cases may be able to work your case out.   Talk to a Florida criminal attorney at 20 Miles Law for help with Jacksonville Florida warrant.

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