Jacksonville Traffic Ticket for Flashing Lights in Florida

Jacksonville ticket for head lightsUnder Florida traffic laws, you may receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket for a variety of Florida traffic violations. The most common Jacksonville traffic citation is a Florida speeding ticket.  A Florida speeding ticket is a civil traffic citation.  Other common Jacksonville traffic tickets that are civil infractions are Jacksonville careless driving, failure to yield to on coming traffic, failure to obey traffic signals (such as running a stop sign or running a red light), or Jacksonville driving on a suspended license without knowledge.  You can also receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket for a Florida criminal traffic charge.  Common Jacksonville traffic tickets for criminal traffic violations are Jacksonville reckless driving, Jacksonville leaving the scene of an accident, and Jacksonville driving on a suspended license with knowledge.  Jacksonville driving under the influence is a criminal traffic infraction, but a Jacksonville DUI usually results in a Florida DUI arrest instead of only a ticket.  If you are charged with Jacksonville driving on a suspended license as a Florida habitual traffic offender, this is a felony criminal traffic charge that will also result in an arrest.

You may also get a Florida ticket for flashing your lights, which is a civil traffic ticket in Jacksonville.  Most people have flashed their lights in Jacksonville before.  Drivers flash their lights by going from a low beam to a high beam. Usually, a Florida driver does this to let others drivers know something.  For example, if a good Florida driver sees a car stuck on the side of the road, he may flash his lights in Jacksonville to inform the oncoming vehicle that there is a dangerous situation. This may protect people in the disabled vehicle and people in the oncoming vehicle, and could prevent a traffic crash in Jacksonville, Florida.  When I was a child, my mother would flash her lights at other cars when she saw a dog near the road to get the other vehicles to slow down.

A Florida driver can get a Jacksonville traffic ticket for flashing their lights or high beams at other cars. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office may write a ticket under Florida Statute 316.2937(7) which states that “flashing lights are prohibited on vehicles except as a means of indicating a right or left turn, to change lanes, or to indicate that the vehicle is lawfully stopped or disabled upon the highway or except that the lamps authorized are… permitted to flash.”  This Florida law was not meant to prohibit flashing your high beams at all.  In fact, the handbook issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recommends that a Florida driver flash his lights at an oncoming vehicle if the other vehicle has their high beams on while driving in Jacksonville.  In State v. Cason, a Florida court ruled that Florida Statute Section 316.2397(7) does not prohibit a driver from flashing his high beams or turning his lights on and off. The Florida court found that it did not matter that the driver was doing so with the intent to warn other drivers of a police officer with a radar device.

If you receive a Florida speeding ticket or Jacksonville traffic citation, talk to a Florida ticket lawyer about your Jacksonville traffic ticket.  This also means that if you are pulled over for flashing your lights in Jacksonville and arrested for another Florida crime, such as Jacksonville possession of marijuana or Jacksonville possession of cocaine, you may be able to file a motion to suppress based on an unlawful stop.  Talk to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about your Florida criminal case.  Call a lawyer in Jacksonville at 20 Miles Law.

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