Should I Hire a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer?

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer“Should I hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, or should I go with the Duval County public defender?”  Many people that have been arrested in Jacksonville ask themselves this question.  Whether you are charged with Jacksonville grand theft, Jacksonville domestic battery, or a Jacksonville juvenile criminal charge, you need to decide how you are going to defend your Jacksonville Florida criminal case.  When you are trying to decide if you should hire a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, you need to see if you can afford a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.  If you can afford a Jacksonville Florida attorney, you should hire one.  The Duval County, Clay County, Nassau County, and St. Johns County public defender offices are for people that cannot afford a lawyer in Jacksonville.

“What is the difference between a Jacksonville criminal lawyer and my public defender?”  Nothing.  Private Jacksonville criminal lawyers and Duval County public defenders are both Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys.  They all went to law school and passed the Florida bar exam in order to obtain their Florida licenses to practice law.  After I passed the Florida bar examine and was admitted to practice law in Florida, I immediately started working as a Duval County public defender.  I worked as a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville at the Duval County public defender office.  This is not an internship, apprenticeship, or some kind of residency program.  A Jacksonville criminal defense attorney that dedicates his or her time as a public servant is a “real lawyer” just like any lawyer in Jacksonville in private practice.

The difference between a Florida public defender and a Jacksonville criminal lawyer is the time that we are able to put into a Florida criminal case.  When I was a Duval County public defender, I did not have time to call every client back, because I represented so many Jacksonville criminal defendants.  As a private Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I can spend more time working on my client’s Jacksonville criminal cases.  I did not become a better Jacksonville Florida attorney, because I went into private practice.  As a private criminal lawyer in Jacksonville, I am just able to give quality over quantity, because I can spend extensive hours working on one Florida criminal case.  The Duval County Public Defender’s Office gives their Florida attorneys in depth experience with Jacksonville criminal cases that a private Jacksonville criminal defense attorney cannot get anywhere else.  That way, when the Florida public defender goes into private practice, she is able to properly represent a Jacksonville criminal defendant.

Like other Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys, I have heard people say, “I want to fire my public defender and hire a real lawyer in Jacksonville.” A Florida public defender is a REAL Jacksonville lawyer.  If you are unhappy with your Florida public defender, because he or she does not seem to be working in your best interest, you are unhappy with your Jacksonville criminal lawyer’s services.  It does not make him or her less of a Jacksonville criminal attorney; it just means that he or she is not the Jacksonville criminal lawyer for you.  Your Jacksonville criminal charges may need more attention, and your Florida public defender is not giving your Florida case the attention that it deserves.

You do not have the option of choosing your Jacksonville criminal lawyer at the public defender’s office.  As the Florida police officer and Duval County judge probably stated, “If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to you.”  “Appointed” means that the Duval County public defender office will choose your Jacksonville criminal lawyer for you.  If you do not like your Duval County public defender, you cannot pick another one.  Just like with any profession, there are good Jacksonville criminal lawyers and there are bad Florida attorneys.  If you are looking for a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, you can interview Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys and choose the Jacksonville criminal lawyer that you would like to hire.  This is another benefit of hiring a private Florida attorney.  If you are interested in hiring a lawyer in Jacksonville for your Florida criminal case, contact criminal lawyer in Jacksonville at 20 Miles law (Contact a Lawyer).

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