How Much Will a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Cost Me?

Cost of Lawyer in JacksonvilleIf you are looking to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, you are probably wondering how much a Jacksonville lawyer will cost you.  In Jacksonville, a Florida attorney’s fees can range from a nominal fee for a Florida speeding ticket lawyer or Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer.  A Florida lawyer’s fees can go up to thousands of dollars for a Florida family lawyer at a Jacksonville divorce law office or a Jacksonville criminal lawyer for a felony charge.  The price that a Jacksonville Florida attorney will charge will depend on the type of representation that you are seeking.

For example, if you receive a Florida speeding ticket in Duval, St. Johns, or Clay County, you can likely hire a Florida speeding ticket lawyer for less than $200.  If you have received a different kind of Jacksonville traffic citation, you may be able to hire a Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer for the same amount.  It will depend on the type of Jacksonville traffic citation you received.  With most Florida moving violations that are not Jacksonville criminal traffic tickets, the price of hiring a Florida ticket lawyer will be relatively inexpensive.  If you have been given a notice to appear or Jacksonville traffic ticket that is for a Florida criminal charge, it will be more expensive to hire a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer.  The cost of a Jacksonville criminal lawyer for a Florida criminal traffic charge or arrest will vary depending on the type of crime that you have been cited for in Jacksonville.  Usually, the cost of a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney for a Florida criminal traffic citation is in the low thousands.  A minor charge Jacksonville criminal traffic ticket may run you $1,000 to $1,500.  The more serious the Florida criminal charge is, the higher the cost.  If you are arrested for Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license, but you have a relatively good Florida driving record, you will pay significantly less than if you are arrested for driving on a suspended license as a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender.

Another good example is a Jacksonville Theft charge.  If you want to hire a Jacksonville theft lawyer for a Jacksonville petit theft or Jacksonville petty theft charge, you will more than likely pay less than you would for a Florida grand theft lawyer.  Let’s say that a Jacksonville petty theft lawyer may charge you $2,000 – $3,000 for your case.  Then, the Jacksonville grand theft lawyer will charge you more in most Jacksonville theft cases.  The price of a Jacksonville theft lawyer is not set in stone, so contact a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney for more information.

When it comes to paying for a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, there is not a price chart.  There is not a bright-line rule as to what a Jacksonville criminal lawyer will charge you for any Florida criminal case.  A Jacksonville DUI Lawyer can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the type of Jacksonville driving under the influence case that you have.  This is why it is best to call a Jacksonville criminal lawyer to discuss your Florida criminal arrest.  Talking to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer about the cost of hiring a Florida attorney for your criminal case is the best way to determine the cost of a lawyer in Jacksonville.

Every Florida criminal case is different.  For instance, if you would like to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record, you should talk to a Jacksonville expunge lawyer or Jacksonville record sealing lawyer.  If a hearing on your petition to expunge your Florida record or petition to seal your Florida criminal record is not required, a Jacksonville lawyer may be able to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record at a lower rate.

If you have questions about how much it would cost to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, contact the Jacksonville law office of 20 Miles Law.  This article is intended to answer a broad questions about the price of hiring a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville.  In order to know how much a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville will cost you, you should speak with a Jacksonville Florida attorney.

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