Jacksonville State Attorney Office to Prosecute Florida Self-Defense Case

Duval County Florida’s State Attorney, Angela Corey, has been appointed by Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, to prosecute the Trayvon Martin self-defense shooting case.  Although this Florida self-defense case is outside of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, Jacksonville’s State Attorney’s Office will serve as the prosecution in Martin’s homicide.  The Florida State Attorney that would have prosecuted the case is Norman Wolfinger, but he has removed himself from the Zimmerman/Martin shooting.

Angela Corey is the elected prosecutor in Jacksonville, Florida.  She has tried numerous Jacksonville homicide and murder cases over the years.  However, Corey will not be the Jacksonville criminal lawyer prosecuting this case.  Instead, she has appointed two other Jacksonville criminal attorneys in her office to begin working on this case.  It appears that the Jacksonville criminal lawyers are working with an investigator from the Duval County State Attorneys Office.  In Jacksonville criminal cases, it is normal for the Duval County State Attorney to appoint other prosecutors as the Jacksonville criminal attorneys on the case.  No doubt, the lawyers on this on Florida Stand Your Ground case will have extensive experience with murder and self-defense cases in Jacksonville.

It is not out of the ordinary that State Attorney Wolfinger of Sandford, Florida has stepped down.  Due to the accusations brought against the Sanford Florida Police Department that originally investigated this case, it would be better for Wolfinger, the prosecutor to step down that works with this Florida sheriff’s office on a regular basis.  There may be other reasons that Wolfinger has declined to prosecute the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, but the appearance of any kind of possible impropriety should be enough.  This Florida self-defense case deserves a unbiased, thorough investigation, whether that investigation leads to an indictment or information being filed for Florida murder or manslaughter or Zimmerman being cleared on all charges due to self-dense.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, I am extremely excited to see Jacksonville getting involved in the high-profile case that has placed Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law in the national spotlight.  It will be interesting to see the evidence that develops in this Florida homicide case.  Will evidence come out proving that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense in this Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin?  Will we find that Zimmerman is covered by the Florida Stand Your Ground Law?  Will we discover that Zimmer murdered Martin?  Jacksonville news stations have reported that Zimmerman called the police on approximately 50 occasions to report possible Florida crimes and suspicious people.  When reporting suspicious activities, he suspected young, black males of committing crimes in Florida, much like Martin.  Zimmerman has been accused of being paranoid.  Will Zimmerman’s mental health come into play in this Florida murder investigation?

Florida Governor Rick Scott has commented on the Florida self-defense shooting by stating:

“As law enforcement investigates the death of Trayvon Martin, Floridians and others around the country have rightly recognized this as a terrible tragedy… Like all Floridians, I believe we must take steps to ensure tragedies like this are avoided. After listening to many concerned citizens in recent days, I will call for a Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection to investigate how to make sure a tragedy such as this does not occur in the future, while at the same time, protecting the fundamental rights of all of our citizens – especially the right to feel protected and safe in our state.”  (Jacksonville Action News, actionnewsjax.com)

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