Jacksonville Mother Arrested for Selling 6-Year-Old Daughter for Sex

Jacksonville Child Crime SuspectA Florida woman was arrested for “pimping” her 6-year-old daughter in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Dalina Nicholas is accused of giving her child to men and permitting them to have sex with the young girl in exchange for drugs and money.  She was arrested under a Duval County warrant and is accused of child neglect in Duval County, Florida.  Duval County police officers learned of the Jacksonville Child Neglect case when a homeless man in Jacksonville Beach informed police about the activities that were happening in Nicholas’ home.  He alleged that Florida crimes, such as drug use, drug sales, and child abuse, were occurring in Nicholas’ Jacksonville Beach home.  According to a local media report in the Florida Times Union and on the Florida Times Union’s website (Jacksonville.com), “Police launched an investigation and then sought to arrest Nicholas after an interview with the girl, who gave them details of sexual attacks by three men and physical abuse. Nicholas, by that time, had fled the area. The child and a sibling were in the custody of Nicholas’ mother and father.”

Two men were also charged with Florida crimes in reference to the Jacksonville Child Abuse case.  John Hagans, a 52-year-old man, was arrested in Jacksonville on February 16, 2012.  Quinn Brooks was arrested in Jacksonville on February 28, 2012.  Both men were charged with Florida capital sexual battery, which is often referred to as Jacksonville Child Molestation.  Both men denied that they were involved in any sexual activity with the minor child.  Three days ago, another man was arrested for Jacksonville Sexual Battery in conjunction with this Jacksonville Child Abuse case. He is also accused of committing Florida sexual battery (Jacksonville Child Molestation) on Nicholas’ daughter (Jacksonville.com).  The minor child gave police information of attacks by three different men in reference to this Jacksonville child neglect, child abuse, and sexual battery case.

Nicholas is 35 years old, and her mother has stated that she was also a victim of several drug dealers.  She said that Nicholas did not know that these men were abusing her child in Jacksonville home.  She described her daughter as a recovering drug addict that was also the victim of Jacksonville drug dealers.  If Nicholas is defending her Jacksonville criminal case based on a lack of knowledge of the Florida sexual abuse, she needs evidence to show how this is possible and to show that she was not neglecting her child.  She needs a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney to look for evidence to help her defend her Jacksonville criminal case.  While it is the State Attorney’s burden to prove that she is guilty, Nicholas needs to be proactive in defending her Florida Child Neglect case.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I know that there are two sides to every story. In Nicholas’ case, it is best for her not to speak to anyone, except a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, about here Florida child abuse case. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office may be able to bring more charges against her. In most cases, the Duval County State Attorney’s Office will review every case after the arrest to make a filing decision. In this Jacksonville Child Abuse case, the Florida prosecutor may investigate the case even further and see that additional Florida criminal charges may be brought against Nicholas. A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer needs to aggressively investigate the Jacksonville Child Abuse case as. Nicholas will need a strong defense in this Jacksonville criminal case.

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