Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer on American Idol Arrest Warrant

This morning, I turned on my computer at my Jacksonville Law Office and log onto the Internet to check the latest news in Jacksonville criminal defense and Florida criminal laws.  I saw a national headline that read “Another Idol Finalist Gets the Boot.”  Being a Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer, I thought that I really should read this article, because it may be about the American Idol that had been arrested and had a criminal record.  I heard on radio that an American Idol had warrants out for his arrest, so I thought this would be perfect.

Once I click on the article, I learned that the story was actually titled, “‘American Idol’ Top 11 Results: Girls’ Night Out.”  It was about Sharon Magrane being sent home.  I wanted to know more about the American Idol with the arrest warrants and criminal record.  Then, I found an articled titled, “‘American Idol’ 2012: Producers boot ‘gentle giant’ Jermaine Jones.”  That’s more like it.  According to the Washington Post, Jones has outstanding arrest warrants for failing to appear in court.  There was a drug arrest, an open container charge, and he was either arrested or cited for giving a false name to police officers.

As a Jacksonville Florida Criminal Lawyer, I can only give a legal opinion based on Florida’s criminal laws as they pertain to Jacksonville arrests and warrants and Florida criminal records and backgrounds.  Therefore, I am going to pretend that Jermaine Jones’ warrants, arrests, and criminal charges were all in Jacksonville and that I am his Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney.  If Jones had an arrest warrant in Duval County, I would to get more information about this Jacksonville warrant.  It looks like he was issued bench warrants for not appearing in court.  In Duval County, a bench warrant is known as a capias.  The Jacksonville judge will issue a capias (Jacksonville bench warrant) if you fail to appear in Duval County court on your scheduled court date.  A Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer may be able to get this Duval County warrant recalled.  Getting a warrant recalled or dismissed in Duval County will depend on the circumstances of the case.  Recalling a Florida warrant for a Jacksonville felony charge will be much more difficult than getting a warrant dismissed for a Jacksonville misdemeanor crime.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, I have been able to get warrants recalled in Duval County felony and misdemeanor charges, but the approach is completely different.  Either way, your Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer will need to discuss the case in detail with the Duval County State Attorney assigned to the criminal case.  With a felony charge, unless the prosecutor is going to drop the charges based upon the evidence presented by the Florida Criminal Lawyer, the defendant will need to appear in Duval County court to get the warrant dropped.  It will be up to the Duval County Circuit Court judge as to whether the felony warrant will be recalled.  If the State Attorney drops the felony charges, the criminal defendant will likely not need to appear in court to have the warrant recalled.

If the warrant was issued for a minor, misdemeanor crime, usually, the Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer can work something out with the prosecution, getting the warrant recalled.  For instance, imagine that a Florida driver is arrested for driving on a suspended license in Jacksonville.  The Florida driver does not appear in court for this criminal charge and a warrant is issued.  Normally, your Jacksonville criminal lawyer can work the driving on a suspended license case out and have the Duval County warrant recalled.

As for the American Idol contestant, it appears that his criminal charges were not major criminal offenses, so he should have been able to hire a lawyer to deal with these criminal warrants prior to going on the show.  If you have a question about a Florida warrant or Jacksonville warrant, contact a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville.

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