I Was Arrested for Domestic Battery in Jacksonville and Need to Defend Myself

Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer

Jacksonville Domestic Violence

If you were arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville, you need to defend yourself against this Florida Domestic Violence arrest.  Although most Jacksonville domestic battery charges are misdemeanors, a Jacksonville domestic battery is one of the most serious misdemeanor crimes that you can be charged with in Florida.  If you are accused of committing domestic violence in Jacksonville, you probably have never dealt with a domestic violence accusation before.  You are probably wondering, “how do I defend myself when someone has accused me of domestic violence in Jacksonville, Florida?”

As a Jacksonville Domestic Battery Lawyer, I have advice for someone that has been arrested for domestic violence in Jacksonville, Florida.

  1. If someone accuses you of domestic violence in Jacksonville, you need to watch what you say about this Jacksonville domestic battery accusation. In many Florida domestic violence cases, when a police officer responds to a Florida domestic dispute, someone ends up going to the Duval County Jail. Anyone accused of Jacksonville domestic battery or any Florida domestic violence crime has a natural tendency to want to defend himself or herself.  It is important to remember that anything that you say can and will be used against you.  Something that may sound innocent at the time of the Florida domestic battery investigation or arrest, may be taken out of context.
  2. If you go to jail for a Jacksonville domestic battery charge, you will not be “unarrested” for this Florida crime.  There is nothing that you can say at the Duval County Jail that will cause you to be released.  Therefore, you do not need to talk about your Florida domestic violence case.  You do not want to talk on the Duval County Jail telephone about your Florida domestic violence case either.  Those telephone calls are recorded and will be used against you when you are prosecuted for Jacksonville domestic battery.
  3. After a Jacksonville domestic battery arrest, you will go to Duval County first appearance court.  This is also known as a Jacksonville bond hearing.  At your Jacksonville bond hearing, you will be given two options: (1) take a plea deal or (2) get a bail bond and fight the domestic battery charge.  In most Jacksonville domestic battery cases, you will be offered a plea deal from the Duval County State Attorney.  Usually, taking a plea deal is one of the worse things that you can do in a Florida domestic violence case.  The sentence offered for a Jacksonville domestic battery includes a long-term probation.  As a lawyer who knows how to seal or expunge a criminal record in Jacksonville, I know that you will not be able to get domestic battery charges sealed if you enter a plea of guilty or no contest to domestic battery in Florida. It is best to discuss the case with a Jacksonville domestic violence lawyer before doing anything.  If you do not accept the plea deal that the Duval County State Attorney has offered, the judge will give you a bail bond amount, so you can bond out of jail and fight the Florida domestic violence charges.  It is a good idea to have a Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer present at your bail bond hearing.
  4. If you are served with a Florida Petition for an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence or a Jacksonville Restraining Order, go to the hearing and be prepared to fight the domestic violence accusations. You should hire a Jacksonville Florida Attorney who will fight the injunction and defend against the restraining order in Jacksonville.  You should consider hiring a lawyer in Jacksonville who has experience not only in defending against restraining orders in Jacksonville but who also has applied for restraining orders in Jacksonville, because your attorney will know both sides of a Florida injunction case.
  5. The best advice that a Domestic lawyer in Jacksonville can give you is “DO NOT SPEAK TO THE VICTIM!”  If you have been charged with Jacksonville Domestic Battery and have bonded out of jail, you could violate a “No Contact Order” which is a condition of your Florida bail bond.  If you have a temporary or permanent Florida restraining order against you, you will violate the Florida injunction, even if the alleged victim tries to talk to you.

You should talk to Jacksonville Domestic Violence Lawyer about your Florida domestic dispute before making decisions that could affect the rest of your life and your Florida criminal record.  Call 20 Miles Law.

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