How to Deal With a Juvenile Criminal Arrest in Jacksonville, Florida?

My child was arrested in Jacksonville for a crime.  My child was arrested for a Florida crime, and I do not know what to do. I do not want my son or daughter to have a criminal record in Jacksonville, Florida.  I do not want my son or daughter to be a Jacksonville juvenile delinquent.  If your child has been arrested for a criminal charge as a juvenile in Jacksonville, it is important not to jump to conclusions.  Regardless of the type of Florida crime that your child has been arrested for in Jacksonville, it is important not to lose your temper.  No matter what happens, your child that has been arrested for a juvenile crime in Jacksonville is scared.  He or she does not know what to do about this Jacksonville Florida criminal charge.

We all make mistakes as juveniles. Most of us have all done something as a teenager that we could have been arrested for in Jacksonville, Florida.  A Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer knows that children should be treated differently from adults.  In the Florida criminal justice system, juveniles are not the same as adults.  Juveniles do not develop in the same manner as adults.  Jacksonville juveniles should not be treated like adults in the Duval County courthouse and other Jacksonville courts (Clay, St. Johns, and Nassau County, Florida).

Most Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyers and Florida prosecutors will agree that early intervention in Jacksonville juvenile cases is the best solution.  In many Jacksonville juvenile cases, the defendant is not a repeat offender.  Often, the juvenile is a first time offender that made a poor choice and is scared of the Florida’s juvenile justice system.  On many occasions, the best way for a Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer to handle a juvenile case is to divert the case out of the courtroom and into a diversion program.  In Jacksonville criminal cases, a juvenile that has been arrested for a Florida crime may have to the opportunity to divert his or her Florida criminal case.  The circumstances surrounding a Jacksonville juvenile diversion will depend on the crime that has been charged.

If the Jacksonville juvenile is offered a diversionary program in Florida, the juvenile needs to understand the terms of the Jacksonville juvenile diversion program.  Once the Jacksonville juvenile successfully completes the diversionary program, his or her Florida criminal charges will be dropped.

If the Florida criminal defendant enters a Jacksonville juvenile pretrial diversion program, this can be beneficial for numerous reasons.  First, the Jacksonville juvenile’s charges will be dropped.  If the Florida criminal charges are dropped, this is a good outcome for the criminal case.  The Jacksonville juvenile record will reflect that he or she was arrested in Jacksonville and that the Florida criminal charges were dropped.  Second, if the Jacksonville juvenile charges are dropped, he or she can petition to have his or her juvenile arrest record sealed or expunged in Florida.  As a juvenile criminal defendant that is expunging a record in Jacksonville, he or she may opt to expunge his or her record under the Florida juvenile expunction laws or the Florida adult expunction statute.

Before moving forward with a Jacksonville juvenile criminal case, it is important to talk to a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.  A Jacksonville juvenile lawyer can help you decide what route to take in a Florida criminal case.  A Jacksonville juvenile lawyer can make sure that no matter what decision that you make, you will be able to petition to expunge the Florida juvenile criminal record.  Contact a Jacksonville criminal lawyer at (904) 564-2525 at 20 Miles Law.

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