How Do I Seal My Criminal Record in Jacksonville, Florida?

Have you been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida?  Did you plead guilty or no contest to a crime in Jacksonville, Florida?  Have you completed your sentence or finished your probation for this Florida criminal charge?  After you have been released from the Duval County Jail, completed your Florida probation, paid your court costs, or completed any other conditions of your sentence, you just want to put your Jacksonville criminal case behind you.  No matter how much you try to move forward and get away from your Florida criminal record, your Florida criminal background follows you.

20 Miles Law, a Jacksonville law firm, understands that bad things happen to good people.  Just because a person is arrested for a crime in Jacksonville, it does not mean that the Florida criminal defendant deserves to have a Florida criminal record.  A Jacksonville criminal record will follow a person forever, but there is a way to fix this Florida legal problem.  In Jacksonville, you may be able to get your Florida criminal record sealed.

You are probably thinking, “Can I Seal My Florida Criminal Record?”  If you would like to seal a Florida criminal record in Jacksonville, you must meet certain requirements that are set forth in Florida’s record sealing laws.  Florida Statute 943.059 is the law that covers Jacksonville record seals.  If you would like to have your Florida criminal record seal, this Florida criminal law states that you can have your record seal in Jacksonville if you the following rules apply to you.

  1. The Jacksonville criminal case did not result in a criminal conviction (adjudication of guilt).  Either the conviction was withheld (withhold adjudication) or the Jacksonville criminal defendant was acquitted after a trial (found not guilty after a trial).
  2. You must have no criminal convictions in Florida or any other state or country.  A criminal conviction for one charge will prevent you from sealing a Jacksonville criminal charge.
  3. You can only seal or expunge one arrest, so when deciding whether to seal a Florida criminal record, you should choose wisely.
  4. There are certain Jacksonville charges that may not be sealed.  Even if you were not convicted of a Florida crime and you were given a withhold of adjudication instead, you cannot get certain Florida crimes sealed.  For a list of Jacksonville crimes that cannot be sealed in Florida, see Florida Statute 943.059.
  5. In order to seal your record in Florida, you must understand Florida’s Procedure to Seal a Criminal Record.  The proper paperwork and background check must be completed to seal a Jacksonville criminal case.  If you leave out a step or fail to address a part of the Florida record sealing process, your Jacksonville criminal record will not be sealed.

If you are not able to expunge your criminal record in Jacksonville, because you do not fall under the Florida record expunction laws, a Jacksonville Attorney may be able to expunge your Florida criminal record later on.  Under Florida’s record sealing law, you can expunge a Florida record that has been sealed.  To expunge a withheld conviction or acquittal in Jacksonville, you criminal record must be sealed for 10 years prior to applying for the expunction.

If you are interested in getting a criminal record sealed in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding areas, contact a Jacksonville Florida Record Sealing Lawyer.   An attorney that seals records in Jacksonville can help you with the Florida record seal.  Call a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer with questions about your Florida record seal.



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