How Do Expunge My Criminal Record in Jacksonville, Florida?

Were you been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida?  After being arrested in Jacksonville, were your Florida criminal charges dropped?  Did the Florida prosecutor decide not to prosecute your case in Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, or Duval County, Florida?  After your Florida criminal charges are dropped, you just want to put your Jacksonville criminal case behind you and forget about this stressful situation.  Even though your Jacksonville Criminal Charges were dropped, you will still have a Florida criminal record.  After you have moved forward from you Jacksonville arrest, your Florida criminal background follows you.

Just because a person is arrested for a crime in Jacksonville, it does not mean that the person actually committed the crime.  He or she does not deserve to have a Florida criminal record when the Jacksonville criminal charges were dropped.  20 Miles Law, a Jacksonville Law Office, understands that everyone makes mistakes.  You may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, which can result in a Florida criminal record.  This Florida criminal record will follow you forever, but there is a way to fix this.  In some cases, you may be able to get your criminal record expunged in Jacksonville, Florida.

You are probably wondering, “Can I Expunge my Florida Criminal Record?” If you would like to expunge a Florida criminal record in Jacksonville, Florida, you must meet certain legal requirements that are set forth in Florida’s record expunging laws.  The law that governs Jacksonville record expunctions is Florida Statute 943.0585.  This Florida criminal law states that you can have your record expunge in Jacksonville, if you meet the Florida record expunction requirements.  If you want to have your record expunged in Florida, you should see if you meet requirements listed below.

  1. A Jacksonville criminal charged is usually expunged after the charges are dropped or dismissed.  This means that the Florida prosecutor declined to prosecute and move forward with you Jacksonville Criminal case, dismissing the Jacksonville Criminal charges.
  2. In some Jacksonville criminal cases, you can still get your Florida criminal record expunged, even if the Florida prosecutor did not drop the charges and decided to move forward with you case instead.  You can get your Florida record expunged if you were acquitted (found not guilty after a Jacksonville jury trial or bench trial) or there was a withhold of adjudication (the conviction was withheld).  However, if you fall under this category, you can get your Jacksonville record expunged, but you must first have your record sealed in Jacksonville for 10 years.  Therefore, if you are trying to get a withheld conviction or an acquittal sealed in Jacksonville, a Jacksonville record-sealing lawyer would need to seal the Florida criminal file first.  Then, a Jacksonville Florida Attorney can expunge the Jacksonville criminal record.
  3. Most importantly, you must have no criminal conviction on your record in Florida or anywhere else in the world.  For example, if you have been convicted of a crime in Clay County, Florida, you cannot expunge or seal a record in Jacksonville, even if the charges were dropped in Duval County, Florida.
  4. You can only seal or expunge one arrest.  This means that you can never have sealed or expunged another record in Jacksonville or any other city, state, or country.  It is important to note that this rule may not apply in some juvenile expunctions, depending on the Florida law that was used to expunge the Jacksonville juvenile arrest (Read Expunge a Jacksonville Florida Juvenile Delinquent Record).
  5. In order to expunge your record in Florida, you must understand Florida’s Procedures to Expunging a Record.  The proper paperwork and background check must be completed to expunge a Jacksonville Criminal Case.  If you leave out a step or fail to address a part of the Florida record expunging process, your Jacksonville criminal record will not be expunged.

If you are interested in getting a criminal record expunged in Florida, contact a Jacksonville Attorney at 20 Miles Law that expunges records in Jacksonville.  A Lawyer in Jacksonville with experience expunging records in Florida can answer your questions and may be able to help you expunge your Florida criminal record.  Call (904) 564-2525.



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