Driver’s Licenses Available to Florida Habitual Traffic Offenders

As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I have been helping people with Florida criminal traffic tickets and Jacksonville criminal traffic ticket for six years.  The Jacksonville criminal traffic charge of Florida Driving on a Suspended License should not be taken lightly. In fact, a Jacksonville driving on a suspended license ticket can lead to a suspension of your Florida drivers license of five (5) years as a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender.  If your Jacksonville drivers license is suspend for five years under the Florida habitual traffic offender laws, you will not be eligible for a Florida hardship license until after one year of the Florida drivers license suspension.  Not only will your Florida drivers license be suspended for 5 years, but if you are caught driving on a suspended license in Jacksonville, you will be arrested and charged with a felony if you are a Florida habitual traffic offender.  It is a shame to see good people become convicted felons due to a Florida driving charge, such as Driving on a Suspended License as a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender.

If you are having problems with your Florida Driver’s License it is important to understand Florida’s traffic laws as set forth in the Florida Statutes.  Chapter 322 of the Florida Statutes govern Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender.  Florida Statute 322.27(5) states that any Florida driver that qualifies as a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender shall have his or her Florida drivers license suspended for five years at minimum.  This Florida traffic law creates a  significant hardship on most Jacksonville drivers and families that are trying to make a living and support their families.  Some Jacksonville drivers will lose their jobs if they do not have a Florida drivers license.  This may create a downward spiral for any Jacksonville family that depends on their Florida drivers license to travel to and from their jobs.

Florida’s drivers license laws do permit a Jacksonville driver to request a hardship license.  Under Florida Statute 322.271, Jacksonville Florida drivers may be able to obtain a Florida Hardship Driver’s License after one year of revocation according to Florida Statute Section 322.271. The Florida Habitual Traffic Offender will need to petition the department of motor vehicles in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jacksonville Department of Motor Vehicles will hold a hearing to determine if a Florida Hardship Driver’s License will be issued.  In order to obtain a Florida Hardship Driver’s License in Jacksonville, Florida, the Habitual Traffic Offender must complete the Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course. If the driver’s license suspension was due to an incident involving alcohol, the Florida Habitual Traffic Offender will be required to attend the required Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Course.

In some cases, a Florida hardship license is not enough.  Some people cannot wait one year to get a Florida drivers license.  Whether you live in Duval, St. Johns, Nassau, or Clay County, it is better to have a Florida drivers license that is unrestricted. A Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer can help you try to get your Florida drivers license back.  A Jacksonville Drivers License Attorney can review your Florida driving record in order to determine the route that you need to take to get a valid drivers license in Florida.  She can also go to court for you in order to fix your past Jacksonville driving on a suspended license convictions.

To learn more about obtaining a Jacksonville Florida Hardship Driver’s License, contact a Jacksonville Florida Driver’s License Attorney at (904) 564-2525.

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